Some of the factors of DIGITAL MARKETING:-
On-page optimization OFF Page Optimization
Display Ads Video marketing Search network marketing (SNM) – Text ads, PPC, or CPC Google shopping Google Adwords. Conversion Tracking Re-marketing Bid strategies Report generation
Facebook Twitter Linkedin Google plus Youtube Pininterest Social media automation
4. E-Mail marketing
5.Affiliate marketing
6.Google Analytics
7.Online reputation management
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Designerztech was started in 2013, October and was given the name as Designerztech by the owner. Designerztech the name stands, for the designers who work for websites and graphics and the technology used by them. Designerztech was actually designerstech , and because of previous domain named Designerstech ,I have named it Designerztech.
Designerztech was started for the web designing and development exposure to the world. Website designing is one of the fastest growing field among the IT cadre. Web design is also important for even small shops. Shops use their details and products to market through website and earn revenue. Online shops are one of the most rapidly growing platforms . For Online marketing, websites are needed and for the websites web designer is needed. So web design is one of the developing category of Information technology.
Commonly used websites are categorized as follows:-
1.Static Websites.
2.Dynamic Websites.
3.Multimedia and Interactive websites.
Our Focus Areas:-

We focus on website design and development using softwares such as HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT, ANGULAR JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, PHP, MYSQL, CMS(CONTANT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) – WORDPRESS, JOOMLA etc., BOOTSTRAP and other softwares such as PHOTOSHOP, ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR.
Message for the Customers:-

For the best option of choosing a website or designing website , I would say to go for responsive designs . The responsive designs are used nowadays because of its feature that it could be suited for Desktop, Tablets, Mobile , Ipads and so,on.

Websites are the needed criteria for the people, who are into any type of businesses. We have many options in websites such as products listing, Products pricing, Payment and purchase of them, Payment of Bills, Vouchers, Receipts etc…
Websites are also nowadays used for miscellaneous activities like Ticket bookings, Recharge payments, Status checking so on. In the columns below we have mentioned the areas of our works and the hosting features, and some of our projects. So make a glance through our website and Get back to us for Website requirements. We are here to give you a good user experience through the mode of websites. Your happiness and fulfillment is our Goal.
We are one of the competitors in the field of web among the designers in chennai and India. We aim to land in a firm position, always the unique in the market. Our approach and presentation are the keys to our success. You can know about us in the Blog namely Our Blogger
You can also get Support from 9.a.m to 5:30 p.m Monday to Saturday from our Customer Support People.


What we offer

Web Design

Websites design includes from basic to high profile standard websites.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of our strengths for setting up a place in Google. We do SEO analysis and optimization.


Graphic Design

Logo, catalogues, business card etc...

Mobile Design

Mobile compatible designs for latest mobiles.


Portal Development

We do portal websites in a large wide
for highly potential customers.

      ECommerce Development

Online Shopping websites with
templates , Payment gateway
and Revenue earning sites.


Domain Plans



Hosted in Dual Hexacore,

256 GB RAM Monster Servers

PHP, MySql Support

SPECIAL ! cpanel / WHM with
SEO Tools,
Biz Intel, Arrow Shield,Google SiteMaps, iFIX, Cloud Flare Protection,
Other Domains

.Net Domains - Rs.599/yr

.Org Domains - Rs.599/yr

.in Domains - Rs.219/yr ,,, - 219/yr

.info - Rs.559

.biz - Rs.589

.us - Rs.399
Live Streaming

Key Features:-
1 GB Space
1. Pre-Installed Software RTMP Support
2. FLV, MP3 Streaming
3. FFMPEG Support
4. PHP
6. FLV, MP3 Streaming
7. FFMPEG Support
8. Security & Anti-Spam Solutions Spam Assassin
Apps YBOX Arrow YBOX Arrow
Pricing Rs.9,999 per annum Rs.19,999 per annum

SEO TOOLS, Google Site Map Generator, Link Builder and many more site marketing tools


ARROW SHIELD securing sites from more than 14000 infections and malware attacks

iFIX automated service engine to serve with knowledge base, videos etc.

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